V Plan™ Digital Marketing Plan

V Plan™ is a step-by-step digital marketing plan that is updated everyday by 370+ digital marketing experts since 2002.

1Review and approve deposit paymentFinance
2Send first invoice by emailFinance
3Update account balanceFinance
4Assign account managerHuman Resources
5Call client and schedule kick-off meetingCommunication
6Send Digital Marketing Services AgreementCommunication
7Send Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)Communication
8Send welcome email with account activation informationCommunication
9Send onboarding documentsCommunication
10Complete client onboarding questionnaireCommunication
11Add client to accounting/billing softwareFinance
12Assign Digital Marketing StrategistHuman Resources
13Assign Project ManagerHuman Resources
14Assign Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SpecialistHuman Resources
15Assign Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising SpecialistHuman Resources
16Assign Social Media ManagerHuman Resources
17Assign Content Marketing SpecialistHuman Resources
18Assign Graphic DesignerHuman Resources
19Assign Web DeveloperHuman Resources
20Assign Email Marketing SpecialistHuman Resources
21Assign Analytics SpecialistHuman Resources
22Add client to Vehom Customer Relationship Management (VCRM)Communication
23Create digital marketing strategic roadmapPlanning
24Customise V Plan™Planning
25Schedule communication & reportingPlanning
26Create a project in Vehom Project Management (JIRA)Planning
27Create a client data folder on Vehom Cloud for digital assetsData
28Create WhatsApp digital marketing groupCommunication
29Create financial calendarFinance
30Request account login information & passwordsCommunication
31Request target keyword list from the clientCommunication
32Share "Welcome aboard" on Vehom's social media accountsSocial
33Create Google accountData
34Add Gmail email to client data fileData
35Send Gmail account information to the clientCommunication
36Set up Google Search Console (GSC)Analytics
37Verify domain with domain name provider method on Google Search ConsoleAnalytics
38Remove inactive users in Google Search ConsoleAnalytics
39Create a Google Analytics accountAnalytics
40Add Google Analytics administratorAnalytics
41Remove inactive users in Google AnalyticsAnalytics
42Create a Google Tag Manager accountAnalytics
43Add Google Tag Manager code to the siteAnalytics
44Remove inactive users in Google Tag ManagerAnalytics
45Add Google Analytics tag to Google Tag ManagerAnalytics
46Verify Google Analytics is implemented correctlyAnalytics
47Create Ahrefs accountSEO
48Import project from Google Search Console to AhrefsSEO
49Add Google PageSpeed Insights API Key to Ahrefs site audit crawl settingsSEO
50Website audit (Ahrefs)SEO
51SEO auditSEO
52Ads auditAds
53Content auditContent
54Social media auditSocial
55Analytics auditAnalytics
56E-commerce auditEcommerce
57Automation auditAutomation
58Design auditDesign
59Offline auditOffline
60Change DNS To CloudflareDevelopment
61Set up CloudflareDevelopment
62Write short description of company (50 characters)Content
63Write long description of company (250 characters)Content
64Organize Google Analytics account and properties structureAnalytics
65Integrate Google Analytics with Google Search ConsoleAnalytics
66Add Google Tag Assistant extension to Google ChromeAnalytics
67Add unique CSS classes to all buttons on websiteDevelopment
68Configure Click Classes in Built-In Variables on Google Tag ManagerAnalytics
69Create Google Analytics events for all buttons on Google Tag ManagerAnalytics
70Create Google Analytics conversionsAnalytics
71Create a Semrush accountSEO
72Define brand's tone of voiceSocial
73Create a list of client's all social media accountsSocial
74Set up Facebook accountSocial
75Design Facebook page cover photoDesign
76Remove inactive Facebook page adminsSocial
77Set up Instagram accountSocial
78Design LinkedIn page cover photoDesign
79Set up LinkedIn accountSocial
80Remove inactive LinkedIn page adminsSocial
81Design X (Twitter) page cover photoDesign
82Set up X (Twitter) accountSocial
83Design X (Twitter) headerDesign
84Create YouTube channelSocial
85Remove inactive YouTube channel adminsSocial
86Set up Addmefast accountSocial
87Add all social media accounts to AddmefastSocial
88Save social media accounts login information to client data fileData
89Send social media account information email to the clientCommunication
90Switch Instagram to professional accountSocial
91Optimize profile and cover images on social mediaSocial
92Design profile images for social media accountsDesign
93Optimize profile/bio copy on social mediaSocial
94Use the same username across all social media platformsSocial
95Optimize profile links on social mediaSocial
96Research best practices for industry & competitorsPlanning
97Fill in the client data fileData
98Develop SEO strategySEO
99HTTP to HTTPS migrationDevelopment
100Optimize permanent link (Permalinks) - URL taxonomy structureSEO
101Add FTP information in the client data fileData
102Install Rank Math pluginDevelopment
103Set up Rank Math PluginSEO
104Install Sucuri pluginDevelopment
105Install Limit Login Attempts Reloaded pluginDevelopment
106Extend domain expirationSEO
107Assign priorities to channels and devicesPlanning
108Activate Brotli on CloudflareDevelopment
109Set up DDoS protectionDevelopment
110Set up Content Delivery Network (CDN)Development
111Add SSL certificateDevelopment
112Set up web application firewall (WAF)Development
113Optimize Cloudflare speed settingsDevelopment
114Add "Powered by Vehom" link to the footerDesign
115Schedule website automatic backupsData
116Set up domain-level canonicalizationSEO
117Register HTTP & HTTPS in Google Search ConsoleSEO
118Create sitemap.xmlSEO
119Create video sitemapSEO
120Create image sitemapSEO
121Create news sitemapSEO
122Submit sitemaps to Google Search ConsoleSEO
123Connect Google Search Console to SemrushSEO
124Set up Bing Webmaster ToolsAnalytics
125Remove inactive users in Bing Webmaster ToolsAnalytics
126Submit sitemaps to Bing Webmaster ToolsSEO
127Set PHP max execution time to at least 180Development
128Create a Google Business ProfileSEO
129Verify the Google Business ProfileSEO
130Remove inactive users in Google Business ProfileSEO
131Verify phone number on YouTube accountSocial
132Get a D-U-N-S numberSEO
133Add new listing to Apple Business Connect (Apple Maps)SEO
134Optimize Google Business ProfileSEO
135Update primary category on Google Business ProfileSEO
136Add additional categories on Google Business ProfileSEO
137Check proper placement of the GBP Google Maps pinSEO
138Set up Yandex Webmaster ToolsAnalytics
139Remove inactive users in Yandex Webmaster ToolsAnalytics
140Add sitemaps to Yandex Webmaster ToolsSEO
141AI-powered keyword researchSEO
142Research keywords on Bing Webmaster ToolsSEO
143Keyword analysisSEO
144Review website for target keywordsSEO
145Create a service/product listSEO
146Analyze competitor keywordsSEO
147Add brand names to keywords listSEO
148Review the keyword listSEO
149Refine keyword list using Google Keyword ToolSEO
150Add website FTP to FilezillaSEO
151Test Filezilla FTP connectionSEO
152Translate keywords for target languagesSEO
153Get client approval for keywords listCommunication
154Add keywords to client data fileData
155Inject keywords in Google Business Profile business titleSEO
156Ensure mobile-friendlinessMobile
157Create a landing pageConversion
158Backlink auditSEO
159Review websiteSEO
160Enable Google Analytics demographics and interests reportsAnalytics
161Review Google Analytics accountAnalytics
162Register www, non-www versions in Google Search ConsoleSEO
163Check Google Analytics tracking codeAnalytics
164Check Google Analytics' default URLAnalytics
165Review Google Search ConsoleAnalytics
166Review Bing Webmaster ToolsSEO
167Review website admin panelSEO
168International SEO optimizationSEO
169Send website analysis reportCommunication
170Add target keywords to Semrush position trackingSEO
171Add competitors to SemrushSEO
172Add website link to Google Business ProfileSEO
173Add appointment page link to Google My BusinessSEO
174Create a dedicated page on website for every service client offersContent
175Add product/service page links to Google Business ProfileSEO
176Add post button links to Google Business ProfileSEO
177Set proper hours of operation on Google Business ProfileSEO
178Add photos to Google Business ProfileSEO
179Check completeness of Google Business ProfileSEO
180Edit page titles h1 (AI Powered)SEO
181Define target audience & create buyer personasAnalytics
182False address check (PO Box, UPS Mail Store, Virtual Office, Other)SEO
183Add name, address and phone number (NAP) to footerSEO
184Define Micro-moments/Buying triggers for personas (AI Powered)Analytics
185Define Macro & Micro Conversions/KPIs/Goalsconversion
186Create customer journey mapPlanning
187Audience AnalysisAnalytics
188Audience segmentationAnalytics
189Check bad neighborhood on serverSEO
190Create a WordPress Child ThemeDevelopment
191Develop content marketing strategyContent
192Develop ads strategyAds
193Create Meta Business Suite accountSocial
194Set up Meta Business SuiteSocial
195Add Privacy Policy page to websiteContent
196Install Litespeed Cache pluginDevelopment
197Manage roles and permissions on Meta Business SuiteSocial
198Remove inactive users in Meta Business SuiteSocial
199Add Facebook Pages to Meta Business SuiteSocial
200Add Instagram Accounts to Meta Business SuiteSocial
201Martech Stack auditPlanning
202Manage ad accounts in Meta Business SuiteAds
203List services in Meta Business SuiteAds
204Upload client creatives to client folder Meta Business SuiteSocial
205Add white space around landing page CTADesign
206Connect Instagram Business Account to FacebookSocial
207Set up TikTok accountSocial
208Switch to TikTok business accountSocial
209Remove inactive TikTok account administratorsSocial
210Claim clients listing on Bing Places For BusinessSEO
211Complete listing profile on Bing PlacesSEO
212Verify listing on Bing PlacesSEO
213Develop social media strategySocial
214Check security issues on Google Search ConsoleSEO
215Add minimum purchase for free shipping infoEcommerce
216Scan website with Screaming Frog SEO SpiderSEO
217Request Google Ads customer ID number from the clientAds
218Set up Google Ads accountAds
219Add ID to Vehom Google Ads Manager account (MMC)Ads
220Switch to Google Ads expert modeAds
221Set a monthly ads budgetAds
222Set up Google Ads BillingAds
223Set up Google Ads account accessAds
224Turn on auto-tagging URLs on Google AdsAds
225Remove inactive users in Google AdsAds
226Map keywords to landing pages in content tableSEO
227Add primary focus keyword to each page on CMSSEO
228Create faviconDesign
229Add to Vehom.com reference pageContent
230Install meta pixel with Google Tag ManagerAds
231Optimize robots.txt fileSEO
232Add sitemap.xml to the robots.txtSEO
233Create website content planContent
234Brainstorm content ideasContent
235Fix website indexing issuesSEO
236Optimize product/service page templatesConversion
237Optimize blog post templatesConversion
238Create a content bankContent
239Create content marketing calendarContent
240Start a blogDevelopment
241Optimize blog headerSEO
242Accept guest blog postsContent
243Create guest blogging guidelinesContent
244Create a guest blogging page on websiteDevelopment
245Optimize Facebook accountSocial
246Optimize Instagram accountSocial
247Optimize LinkedIn accountSocial
248Display cookie data consent notice on first website visitDevelopment
249Optimize YouTube accountSocial
250Optimize X (Twitter) accountSocial
251Create social media calendarSocial
252Optimize X (Twitter) profile nameSEO
253Optimize X (Twitter) descriptionSEO
254Include backlink in X (Twitter) descriptionSEO
255Include backlink in the X (Twitter) website URL fieldSEO
256Replace WP cron with a real cron job on hosting panelDevelopment
257Request to assign a staff member dedicated to managing and responding to negative feedbackSocial
258Optimize TikTok accountSocial
259Register business on TikTok Business SuiteSocial
260Add social media icons to the websiteDevelopment
261Implement social media sharing buttons on the websiteDevelopment
262Put social media share buttons above the fold in single blog pagesDevelopment
263Add subscribe code to YouTube channel linksDevelopment
264Add links to YouTube channel bannerSocial
265Add links to YouTube channel about pageSocial
266Optimize call-to-action buttonsconversion
267Set Google Ads daily budgetAds
268Do Google Ads keyword researchAds
269Research competitors for better-performing adsAds
270Competitor Research in Meta Ads LibraryAds
271Competitor Research in Google Ad Transparency CenterAds
272Optimize Google Ads landing pagesAds
273Create retargeting list on Google AdsAnalytics
274Create retargeting list on MetaAnalytics
275Create a backlink from Google Business Profile siteSEO
276Create a Custom Intent Audience on Google AdsAds
277Add schema markup to service pagesDevelopment
278Secure website admin area with CloudflareDevelopment
279Pick Google Ads campaign typeAds
280Invite all friends to Facebook pageSocial
281Add link to Facebook Business Page contact infoSocial
282Get backlinks for Facebook pageSEO
283Convert all images to webpDevelopment
284Start Employee Rewards Program for digital marketingSocial
285Add link to personal Facebook profile bio (Employee Rewards Program)SEO
286Add link to personal LinkedIn profile website URL (Employee Rewards Program)SEO
287Optimize “from” name, email address and reply-to address for email marketingAutomation
288Create Mailchimp accountAutomation
289Add subscribe to newsletter CTA to single blog post pageDevelopment
290Set up Google Merchant CenterEcommerce
291Create a product feed for Google Merchant CenterEcommerce
292Connect Shopify store to Google Merchant CenterEcommerce
293Connect WordPress Woocommerce store to Google Merchant CenterEcommerce
294Connect Wix store to Google Merchant CenterEcommerce
295Connect Prestashop store to Google Merchant CenterEcommerce
296Incentivize employees to generate more Google reviewsSEO
297Create sitemap page and place a link from website footerSEO
298Design a newsletter email templateDesign
299Put footer links to ul listsSEO
300Place "view in browser" link to email templatesAutomation
301Place opt-in newsletter form on the websiteDevelopment
302Create "subscribe to newsletter" page on websiteDevelopment
303Create blog postContent
304Link to a brand search in newslettersAutomation
305Analyze website performance with PingdomDevelopment
306Get verified on Meta Business ManagerSocial
307Set up Google Ads campaignAds
308Set Google Ads campaign ad scheduleAds
309Pick Google Ads campaign location and languageAds
310Exclude locations where potential customers will not beAds
311Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)Data
312Implement social login to websiteDevelopment
313Set up lazy loading imagesDevelopment
314Skip lazy loading for images in the viewportDevelopment
315Get Better Business Bureau accredited on bbb.orgSEO
316Include location-specific terms in adsAds
317Create branded Google Ads search campaignAds
318Create a custom 404 pageDevelopment
319Create non-branded Google Ads search (generic) campaignAds
320Create non-branded Google Ads search (niche) campaignAds
321Create Competitor Google Ads search campaignAds
322Add search intent for each keyword on content tableSEO
323Improve website loading speedDevelopment
324Analyze with Google PageSpeed insightsDevelopment
325Analyze with Webpagetest.orgDevelopment
326Analyze with LighthouseDevelopment
327Optimize Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)Development
328Remove noindex urls in sitemap.xmlSEO
329Remove non-200 urls in XML sitemapSEO
330Eliminate render blocking resourcesDevelopment
331Optimize First Input Delay (FID)Development
332Create YouTube post upload checklistSocial
333Create Reddit accountSEO
334Add a backlink to website in Reddit profileSEO
335Optimize Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)Development
336Add Terms of use / Terms of serviceContent
337Create Schema/JSON-LD for NAP on footerSEO
338Minify HTMLDevelopment
339Minify CSSDevelopment
340Set up internal website search engineDevelopment
341Set up Site Search on Google AnalyticsAnalytics
342Minify JavaScriptDevelopment
343Optimize website theme & pluginsDevelopment
344Review Instagram account statusSocial
345Remove unused codeDevelopment
346Feature shipping information free shipping, fast delivery, same-day deliveryEcommerce
347Test mobile-friendly on GoogleDevelopment
348Optimize contact pageSEO
349Glassdoor verification/setup of locationSEO
350Embed Google Maps in contact, location and regional pagesDevelopment
351Embed Google Street View to contact pageDevelopment
352Name, address, and phone number (NAP) to contact pageSEO
353Create Schema/JSON-LD for NAP on contact pageSEO
354Place a link "Get Directions" on contact pageSEO
355Add email contact option on contact pageContent
356Implement Page Scroll Tracking on Google Analytics with Google Tag ManagerAnalytics
357Remove iframes from websiteDevelopment
358Invite connections to follow LinkedIn company pageSocial
359Ask client's employees to add the company page to their LinkedIn profilesSocial
360Set up time preferences for crawl settings on Bing Webmaster ToolsSEO
361Inform the client about the Vehom Referral ProgramEducation
362HTTP3 check hostnameDevelopment
363Create Google shopping ads (branded) campaignAds
364Ask client's suppliers and Business Associations for backlinksSEO
365Create Google shopping ads (non-branded) campaignAds
366Create performance max Google Ads campaignAds
367Create topics/interest Google Ads display campaignAds
368Create contextual Google Ads display campaignAds
369Create Schema Markup structured dataDevelopment
370Create managed placement Google Ads display campaignAds
371Create in-feed Google Ads video campaignAds
372Map keywords to your customer journey stages in content tableContent
373Create in-stream Google Ads video campaignAds
374Get backlinks for Instagram pageSEO
375Create bumper Google Ads video campaignAds
376Create masthead Google Ads video campaignAds
377Get emotional while posting content on social mediaSocial
378Create remarketing Google Ads campaignAds
379Create similar audience Google Ads campaignAds
380Create app Google Ads campaignAds
381Select Google Ads campaign bidding strategyAds
382Add keywords to Google Ads campaignAds
383Activate hotlink protectionDevelopment
384Change hosting server location to localDevelopment
385Create negative keyword list for Google AdsAds
386Create ad for Google Ads campaignAds
387Add on extensions to Google Ads campaignAds
388Target devices in Google Ads campaignAds
389Feature return policy information free and extended return policyEcommerce
390Split long paragraphsContent
391Check all characters are lowercase in URLsSEO
392Convert database tables MyISAM to InnoDBData
393Add sitelink extensions in Google AdsAds
394Add location extensions in Google AdsAds
395Create infographicContent
396Create videoContent
397Custom Intent Audiences + Google Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA)Ads
398Grade Google Ads performanceAds
399Remove above the fold sliders on websiteDevelopment
400Accept payments onlineEcommerce
401Use client's domain for online payments instead of Stripe domainEcommerce
402Set up www 301 redirect mappingDevelopment
403Remove stock photos on websiteDesign
404Remove stock photos on Google Business ProfileSEO
405Configure mobile push notifications for websiteDevelopment
406Configure desktop push notifications for websiteDevelopment
407Create table of contents for every page typeDevelopment
408Plan push notifications on content calendarContent
409Submit to FourSquareSEO
410Submit to Data AxleSEO
411Test Time To First Bite (TTFB) performance with KeyCDNSEO
412Add modifiers to website page titlesSEO
413Call to action in SERP titleSEO
414Add odd numbers to website page titlesSEO
415Add press page to websiteContent
416Add [brackets] to website page titlesSEO
417Create virtual credit cards for free trial sign-upsFinance
418Connect avatar images to author email addresses on GravatarSEO
419Insert list (li) to page content (bulleted/numbered)SEO
420Remove bad words from content titlesContent
421Shorten URLsSEO
422Assign a phone number for the WhatsApp Business accountAutomation
423Verify WhatsApp Business phone numberAutomation
424Set up WhatsApp Business AppAutomation
425Set Up WhatsApp Business PlatformAutomation
426Increase Memory Limits on hostingDevelopment
427Set Up WhatsApp Business API AccountAutomation
428Choose a Business Solution Provider (BSP) for WhatsAppAutomation
429Set up auto reply in WhatsApp Business SolutionsAutomation
430Link WhatsApp accounts to Meta Business SuiteSocial
431Increase the word count of content with less than 1500 wordsContent
432Fix 301 & 302 redirect chainsSEO
433Set up SPF for email authenticationAutomation
434Set up DKIM for email authenticationAutomation
435Check Google Business Profiles with same address/phone marked as “Permanently Closed”SEO
436Set up DMARC for email authenticationAutomation
437Send WhatsApp Business QR codes to clientCommunication
438Connect Instagram Business account to Meta Business SuiteSocial
439Set browser caching TTL to 1 year on CloudflareDevelopment
440Optimize call to action (CTA) wording (AI Powered)Content
441Link YouTube channel to Google AdsAds
442Insert images into content on each pageDesign
443Add a brand logo to outgoing email with BIMIAutomation
444Send a Google Business Profile review request emailAutomation
445Ask customers to leave a review after successful conversationCommunication
446Add name, address and phone number (NAP) to email footersAutomation
447Get backlinks for LinkedIn pageSEO
448Display a Google Business Profile page review sign in storeOffline
449Ask people to review you offlineOffline
450Keep a clipboard at the front desk or storefront to sign up for email listOffline
451Ask visitor when visiting website for the first time, to select country and/or language & set cookies accordinglyDevelopment
452Block WordPress xmlrpc.php requests in .htaccessDevelopment
453Disable directory view in .htaccessDevelopment
454Disable ETags in .htaccessDevelopment
455Add filetype security in .htaccessDevelopment
456Answer Google Business Profile reviews (AI-Powered)Social
457Set up automated instant reply welcome message on Meta Business SuiteSocial
458Build social media approval processSocial
459Create social media policySocial
460Set up automated away messages on Meta Business SuiteSocial
461Set up automated confirmation messages on Meta Business SuiteSocial
462Set up automated follow-up messages on Meta Business SuiteSocial
463Submit questions and answers to Google Business ProfileSEO
464Set up Google Programmable Search EngineSEO
465Increase quantity of photos in general on Google Business ProfileSEO
466Get quote requests from your Google Business ProfileSEO
467Add target keywords to page URLsSEO
468Add author bio box to blog postsDevelopment
469Add author name surname to single blog post headerDevelopment
470Add reviewed by content manager to single blog post headerDevelopment
471Add last updated date to pages & blog postsDevelopment
472Create a list of pages with little contentSEO
473Make phone numbers automatically clickableDevelopment
474Format product titles (brand + product type + other important attributes)Ecommerce
475Set up reCaptcha to prevent bot submissions to formsDevelopment
476Local SEOSEO
477Determine most important and most valuable contentContent
478Add links to most popular and most recent posts/pagesContent
479Create site map pageDevelopment
480Start Employee Education Program for digital marketingEducation
481Set up social media crisis and emergency communication planSocial
482Set up Instagram story highlightsSocial
483Use hashtags while posting content on social mediaSocial
484Create landing pages for all service categoriesDevelopment
485Mention influencers while posting content on social mediaSocial
486Add brand colour palette to CanvaDesign
487Instagram Story Highlights with attractive coversSocial
488Rewrite all social media text with emojiSocial
489Get backlinks for X (Twitter) pageSEO
490Add contact form to pagesDevelopment
491Test website in dark modeDesign
492Test mobile app in dark modeDesign
493Schema Markup test with Google Rich Result Test toolSEO
494Set up Pinterest accountSocial
495Remove inactive users in PinterestSocial
496Verify website on PinterestSocial
497Generate FAQs based on content (AI-powered)Content
498Generate the FAQ Page Schema markup (AI-powered)SEO
499Answer the question in the first sentence in FAQContent
500Ensure that all tappable targets are at least 48px on mobile websiteDesign
501Design profile cover image for PinterestDesign
502Compare CPC, CPL, CTR, CVR with industry-average online advertising benchmarksAds
503Break website content into logical subheadings (h2,h3,h4)Content
504Enable Preview and Debug mode in GTMAnalytics
505Create broken link listSEO
506Remove broken links from websiteSEO
507Enable Google Business Profile messagesSEO
508Set up Google Business Profile messagesAutomation
509Moderate outgoing linking to 100 links per page or fewerSEO
510Enable Google Business Profile booking featureSEO
511Set up Google Business Profile bookingsAutomation
512Optimize website internal links for linkjuiceSEO
513Reply to YouTube comments (AI Powered)Social
514Optimize subtitles h2-h6SEO
515Edit bold italic underlineSEO
516Edit corporate email signatureAutomation
517Link your email signature to a brand searchAutomation
518Set up TikTok ads pixelAds
519Add social media links in email signatureAutomation
520Take action on fake imposter social media accountsSocial
521Make use of open graphDevelopment
522Require corporate emails, reject personal emails in B2B formsAutomation
523Make email lists easy to unsubscribeAutomation
524Add all hard bounce responses to universal unsubscribe listAutomation
525Increase Glassdoor reviewsSEO
526Edit domain WHOIS informationSEO
527Resize images to the display dimensions on websiteDesign
528Turn off Font Awesome v4 CompatibilityDevelopment
529Set quality of the generated image sizes to %85Development
530Send all images to Google Vision API for relevance checkSEO
531Extend email campaign drop times over hours or days for spam filtersAutomation
532Ask customers to whitelist client's email IPAutomation
533Make all passwords stronger and uniqueData
534Submit to Neustar LocalezeSEO
535Get Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)Automation
536Clean up WordPress header with child theme functions.phpDevelopment
537Remove wlwmanifest.xml linkDevelopment
538Disable XML-RPC RSD link from WordPress headerDevelopment
539Use insights from past campaigns to optimize new onesAds
540Confirm Google Local Services Ads eligibilityAds
541Create a Google Local Services Ads business profileAds
542Add license and insurance details to Google Local Services AdsAds
543Start Google Local Services Ads campaignAds
544Compare total indexed pages between Google and BingSEO
545Take appointment requests in Business SuiteSocial
546Edit meta titlesSEO
547Invest in video productionOffline
548Edit meta descriptions (AI Powered)SEO
549Link intersection analysisSEO
550Add featured image to each pageDesign
551Optimize keyword densitySEO
552Develop posting cadence for social media channels (AI Powered)Social
553Answer customer questions on social mediaSocial
554CitySearch local optimizationSEO
555Limit wordpress post revisionsDevelopment
556Add related words (LSI) to the pagesContent
557Set up Blazemeter accountSEO
558Add rel=canonical tagSEO
559Rename image file namesSEO
560Optimize image alt tagsSEO
561Exclude IP addresses on Google AdsAds
562Add current year to pageSEO
563Edit external linksSEO
564Add rel=nofollow tag to external linksSEO
565Create a page on your website with links to the citation URL’sSEO
566Check grammarSEO
567Remove duplicate contentContent
568Use hyphens instead of underscores in URLsSEO
569Review Google Ads quality score componentsAds
570Allow embedding for YouTube videosSEO
571Embed YouTube videos to pagesContent
572YouTube keyword researchSEO
573Whitelist Rank Math in CloudflareDevelopment
574Add YouTube channel keywordsSEO
575Use target keywords for YouTube video filenamesSEO
576Set up Gmail Postmaster ToolsAutomation
577Verify ownership of domain on Gmail Postmaster ToolsAutomation
578Add tags to YouTube videosContent
579Set up social media monitoring toolsSocial
580Landing page A/B testingAnalytics
581Create a brand hashtagSocial
582Create hashtag listSocial
583Increase quantity of inbound links to domain from locally-relevant domainsSEO
584Increase quantity of inbound links to domain from locally-relevant domainsSEO
585Add blog feed to Google FeedburnerSEO
586Add image captions below images inside website pages & postsSEO
587Get published on Google News websitesSEO
588Add jump cuts transition to YouTube videosContent
589Content gap analysisSEO
590Set up a standart video description footer on YouTube StudioSocial
591Add NAP contact info to YouTube Video descriptionsSocial
592Run a social media contestSocial
593Optimize YouTube video thumbnails with CanvaContent
594Write the author bio in the third personContent
595Keep the aouthor bio short and concise between 50-100 wordsContent
596Include information on job title and function in author bioContent
597Create YouTube channel featured trailerContent
598Partner with other YouTube channelsContent
599Promote videos on YouTube end screenSocial
600Add a watermark to YouTube videosSocial
601Promote YouTube channel to existing audienceSocial
602Optimize YouTube for SEOSEO
603Add closed captions to YouTube videosSEO
604Add cards to YouTube videosSEO
605Place a “click to subscribe” button at the end of YouTube videosContent
606Improve readability scoreSEO
607Disallow crawling of least important pages in robots.txtSEO
608Submit to trustpilot.comSEO
609Add live chat to websiteDevelopment
610Fix orphaned pagesSEO
611Create disaster plan for triage rank and traffic dropsSEO
612Block pages such as e-commerce basket or membership in robots.txtSEO
613Disallow ecommerce product filters using robots.txtSEO
614Add noindex tag to thank you pages on websiteSEO
615Competitor backlink analysisSEO
616Plagiarism check with CopyscapeSEO
617Make HTML compliant with W3C standardsDevelopment
618Validate CSSDevelopment
619Add competitors to Meta Business Suite insights benchmark "Business to watch"Social
620Insert targeted & personalized CTA at the end of posts for social media sharingConversion
621Include social proof under landing page CTAConversion
622Create Greeting messages on WhatsAppAutomation
623Create Away messages on WhatsAppAutomation
624Generate WhatsApp Business QR codesAutomation
625Add the preview text to emailsAutomation
626Load jQuery in website footerDevelopment
627Create LinkedIn Campaign Manager accountAds
628Create retargeting list on LinkedInAnalytics
629Set up enhanced ecommerce tracking on google analyticsAnalytics
630Implement LinkedIn insight tag on websiteAds
631Utilize LinkedIn website demographicsAds
632Add internal links to page contentSEO
633Add breadcrumb navigationDevelopment
634Create PDF filesContent
635Verify domain on Meta Business SuiteSocial
636Answer keyword-related questions on QuoraSocial
637Increase quantity of videos on Google Business ProfileSEO
638Explain how to use client's product on social mediaSocial
639Set up Microsoft ads pixelAds
640Set up user-id in Google Analytics accountAnalytics
641Provide facts, stats to use as an input to content (AI Powered)Content
642Generate a summary of the content (AI Powered)Content
643Perform sentiment analysis of content (AI Powered)Content
644Cluster articles using titles with semantic relevance (AI Powered)Content
645Exclude bot and spider traffic from Google AnalyticsAnalytics
646Optimize database tablesDevelopment
647Optimize database tablesDevelopment
648Clean tables of uninstalled pluginsDevelopment
649Edit Google Analytics referral exclusion listAnalytics
650UTM links in emailsAnalytics
651Add all pages to archive.orgSEO
652Edit Google Analytics currency and time zoneAnalytics
653Edit Google Analytics Google integrationsAnalytics
654Create a Sense of Urgency in ads copies (AI Powered)Content
655Edit Google Analytics ecommerce settingsAnalytics
656Create Google Analytics Master, Raw, and Test viewsAnalytics
657Localize website content for target countries and languagesContent
658Create Google Analytics IP filterAnalytics
659Link Google Analytics and Google AdsAnalytics
660Link Google Analytics and Google AdSenseAnalytics
661Add table of contents to pagesDevelopment
662Upgrade hosting PHP versionDevelopment
663Get verified on X (Twitter)Social
664Get verified on InstagramSocial
665Get verified on TikTokSocial
666Get backlinks for TikTok pageSEO
667Edit Bing Webmaster geographic targetingSEO
668Edit Bing Webmaster connected pagesSEO
669Enable Google signals in Google AnalyticsAnalytics
670Optimize website architectureSEO
671Category optimizationSEO
672Test mobile-friendliness on Bing Mobile Friendliness Test ToolDesign
673Optimize sign up pageConversion
674Set up page updates remindersContent
675Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviewsSEO
676Contact with negative reviewsSEO
677Submit to ClutchSEO
678.edu backlinksSEO
679.gov backlinksSEO
680Activate Opcache moduleDevelopment
681Activate Redis moduleDevelopment
682Connect Redis using cache pluginDevelopment
683Create Pinterest boards that resonate with target audienceSocial
684Compress imagesDesign
685Choose a host with at least 99.9% percent uptime guaranteeDevelopment
686Upgrade to faster hosting planDevelopment
687Remove unused plugins and scripts on websiteDevelopment
688Remove unused themes on websiteDevelopment
689Delete the inappropriate posts on websiteContent
690Remove unnecessary or unsuitable pages on websiteContent
691Delete unused tags and categories on websiteContent
692Add competitors to Yandex Webmaster Tools site qualitySEO
693Use trending audio for Instagram ReelsSocial
694Submit to BaiduSEO
695Submit to SogouSEO
696Add awards won to about us pageContent
697Submit to ShenmaSEO
698Delete unused images on website image libraryContent
699Clean all post revisionsDevelopment
700Clean up deleted post trashContent
701Clean up deleted page trashContent
702Delete unapproved commentsContent
703Delete spammed commentsContent
704Clean up deleted commentsContent
705Add customer testimonials page to websiteContent
706Clean all auto-draft postsDevelopment
707Clean up orphaned user metaDevelopment
708Optimize typographyDevelopment
709Optimize pages with bad bounce rateContent
710Optimize pages with bad time on pageContent
711Remove expired transient optionsDevelopment
712Remove pingbacksDevelopment
713Remove trackbacksDevelopment
714Clean orphaned post metadataDevelopment
715Noindex WordPress archive pagesSEO
716Publish original research in blog postContent
717Summarize current scientific research in blog postContent
718Noindex WordPress tag pagesSEO
719Get mentions on forumsSEO
720Optimize fontsDevelopment
721Use 14px+ font size for readability
722Clean orphaned user metadataDevelopment
723Clean orphaned comment metadataDevelopment
724Clean orphaned relationship dataDevelopment
725Disable future trackbacks on all previously published postsDevelopment
726Set up website Hotjar heatmap toolDevelopment
727Internal link to related posts and articlesDevelopment
728Optimize Pinterest accountSocial
729Set up exit-intent popupsContent
730DMCA sign upSEO
731Encourage comments by asking a specific question within YouTube videosContent
732Write a comment on every YouTube video and pin itSocial
733Get Wikipedia mentionsSEO
734Wikipedia backlinkSEO
735Add reviews to ClutchSEO
736Translate Youtube channel name and description for target countriesSocial
737Participate in relevant SubRedditsSocial
738Add team page to websiteContent
739Manage scheduling with CalendlySEO
740Put scripts at the bottom of web pageDevelopment
741Provide at least 3 high-resolution images for each productContent
742Use a solid white or transparent background for product imagesEcommerce
743Offer long-time customers exclusive dealsEcommerce
744Add "Schedule a meeting" button option to contact page on websiteDevelopment
745Remove adult words from contentContent
746Remove tags on unrelevant posts on InstagramSocial
747Set up firewall for unauthorized access preventionDevelopment
748Improve Meta Ads with A/B testing to compare photos, videos and textSocial
749Activate Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization (APO)SEO
750Create content for target locationsContent
751Local region, city, neighborhood to all contentContent
752Set up Data Management Platform (DSP)Data
753Check NAP Consistency for Local SEOSEO
754Identify relevant influencers or industry experts within client's nicheSocial
755Set up Google Ads enhanced conversions for webAds
756Set up and test reporting with conversions with cart data on Google AdsAds
757Compile a short list of influencersSocial
758Research influencer's audience reach, engagement, and credibility.Social
759Use the defer and async attributes to eliminate render blocking JavaScriptDevelopment
760Choose influencer campaign payment structureSocial
761Create a clear brief for influencers (AI Powered)Social
762Reach out to influencers with personalized collaboration proposalsSocial
763Send follow-up emails or DMs to influencersSocial
764Re-share page’s best @mentions on social mediaSocial
765Agree on a collaboration structure with each influencerSocial
766Add payment methods to pricing pageDevelopment
767Publish sponsored influencer content on product pageContent
768Defer non-critical CSSDevelopment
769Add blog to blog directoriesSEO
770Submit to company directoriesSEO
771Split Google Ads campaigns by location targeting, age & genderAds
772Share content on relevant Facebook groupsSocial
773Encourage engagement from team members by sharing content with themSocial
774Publish sponsored influencer content as a Facebook adAds
775Publish sponsored influencer content on social mediaSocial
776Define the terms of the collaboration and outline deliverables of influencer partnershipsSocial
777Track and measure the impact of influencer partnershipsSocial
778Brand names anchor text in on-site linksSEO
779All locations data on websiteSEO
780Optimize checkout processConversion
781Create a personalized welcome message for new followers on Instagram (AI Powered)Social
782Remove automatic popups and “distracting ads”SEO
783Check server’s IP address is flagged for spamSEO
784Get mentioned on Q&A sitesSEO
785Avoid special symbols in URLsDevelopment
786Remove low-quality toxic backlinksSEO
787Disavow unnatural backlinks with a high Google penalty riskSEO
788Analyze website with WoorankSEO
789Send a WhatsApp Business newsletterAutomation
790Add web app manifestDevelopment
791Create RSS feedDevelopment
792Display & Video 360 and Google Ads integrationAutomation
793Display & Video 360 and Analytics 360 integrationAutomation
794Display & Video 360 and Data Studio integrationAutomation
795Display & Video 360 and Google Ad Manager integrationAutomation
796Monitor YouTube real-time reports to find the best time to publishSEO
797Respond with “hearts” to YouTube commentersSEO
798Display & Video 360 and Adobe Audience Manager integrationAutomation
799Display & Video 360 and BlueKai integrationAutomation
800Find landing pages with high traffic and low conversionData
801Use internal links to the high-conversion pages on the high-traffic pagesConversion
802Add internal links on high-authority pages to low-hanging-fruit pagesSEO
803Add custom Tab to Facebook PageSocial
804Build out Q&A FAQ pages based on People Also Ask QuestionsContent
805Publish cookie policyContent
806Display & Video 360 and Salesforce DMP integrationAutomation
807Display & Video 360 and LiveRamp integrationAutomation
808Search Ads 360 and Campaign Manager 360 integrationAutomation
809Search Ads 360 and Google Ads integrationAutomation
810Search Ads 360 and Analytics integrationAutomation
811Cleanup wp_commentmeta WordPress tableDevelopment
812Search Ads 360 and Adobe Analytics integrationAutomation
813Search Ads 360 and Baidu integrationAutomation
814Search Ads 360 and Bing integrationAutomation
815Add video embeds to Quora answersSocial
816Sort FAQ lists on website pages by exact match Google monthly search volumeSEO
817Search Ads 360 and Yahoo! Gemini integrationAutomation
818Search Ads 360 and Yahoo! Japan integrationAutomation
819Search Ads 360 and Data Studio integrationAutomation
820Search Ads 360 and Google Merchant Center integrationAutomation
821Analytics 360 and Campaign Manager 360 integrationAutomation
822Analytics 360 and BigQuery integrationAutomation
823Respond to Facebook "Page Recommended" actions using Meta Business Suite automated responsesSocial
824Respond to Facebook "Page Not Recommended" actions using Meta Business Suite automated responsesSocial
825Respond to Facebook "Job application received" actions using Meta Business Suite automated responsesSocial
826Respond to Facebook "Positive feedback" actions using Meta Business Suite automated responsesSocial
827Respond to Facebook "Negative feedback" actions using Meta Business Suite automated responsesSocial
828Send a reminder the day before an appointment using Meta Business Suite's automated responsesSocial
829Analytics and Ad Exchange integrationAutomation
830Analytics and Optimize integrationAutomation
831Plan events digital marketing calendarPlanning
832Set up email marketing for eventsAutomation
833Create an add to calendar link for event marketing emailsAutomation
834Add events page to websiteContent
835Place add to calendar link for every event on events pageDevelopment
836Add schema markup to event pagesDevelopment
837Add leadership page to websiteContent
838Add schema markup to leadership pageSeo
839Add certification badges to leadership and team biosContent
840Analytics and Surveys integrationAutomation
841Analytics and Data Studio integrationAutomation
842Email subject line personalizationAutomation
843Analytics and Google Ad Manager integrationAutomation
844Analytics and Salesforce Sales Cloud integrationAutomation
845Optimize and Google Ads integrationAutomation
846Optimize promotional email copy (AI Powered)Content
847Surveys and Google Ads integrationAutomation
848Recycle evergreen videos on all digital marketing channelsContent
849Data Studio and Campaign Manager 360 integrationAutomation
850Publish one case study for every major use case on websiteContent
851Data Studio and Google Ads integrationAutomation
852Enable the latest version of the TLS protocolDevelopment
853Set minimum version of the TLS protocolDevelopment
854Data Studio and BigQuery integrationAutomation
855Data Studio and Search Console integrationAutomation
856Create content creation checklistsContent
857Add hCard microformat/schema HTML tags to addressesSEO
858Track live chat in Google Analytics with Google Tag ManagerAnalytics
859Set up Google Data Studio reporting dashboardAnalytics
860Blog commenting industry related blogsSocial
861App Store Optimization (ASO) keyword researchMobile
862ASO competitor analysisMobile
863Set a password policyData
864ASO Analyze search ad dataMobile
865Optimize mobile app title and subtitleMobile
866Optimize app name on Apple App StoreMobile
867Optimize app name on Google PlayMobile
868Optimize subtitle on Apple App StoreMobile
869Add keywords to keyword List on Apple App StoreMobile
870Optimize promotional text on Apple App StoreMobile
871Write engaging mobile app description on App StoreContent
872Write engaging mobile app description on Google PlayContent
873Encourage reviews and ratings for Mobile App through all channelsMobile
874Ask for ratings and reviews after positive actions on mobile appDevelopment
875Set up alternative channels for negative feedback for mobile appMobile
876Update mobile app regularlyDevelopment
877Promote Pinterest Pins on other social media platformsSocial
878Write "What’s New in This Version?" mobile app updateDevelopment
879Enable in-app referralsMobile
880Promote newsletter on social mediaSocial
881Set up General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Data
882Get backlinks for YouTube channelSEO
883Create PDF ebooksContent
884Create pdf ebook download form on websiteDevelopment
885Promote PDF ebook on social mediaSocial
886Optimize screenshots on App StoreDesign
887Put a sticker of website URL on company vehiclesOffline
888Add some text to screenshots on App StoreDesign
889Optimize screenshots on Google PlayDesign
890Add some text to screenshots on Google PlayDesign
891Create a personalized birthday messageAutomation
892Motivate employees to share branded contentSocial
893Encourage customers to share their photographs and storiesSocial
894Nudge customers to rate and review productsSocial
895Generate popular and relevant sites to outreach (AI Powered)SEO
896Track organic search rankings in specific locationsSEO
897Reword outreach emails to make them unique (AI Powered)Content
898Add product questions & answersEcommerce
899Generate email campaign for abandoned cart shoppers (AI Powered)Ecommerce
900E-commerce product photos advanced image optimizationEcommerce
901Make a list of manufacturer and supplier websites of the products you sellEcommerce
902Optimize ecommerce product filtersEcommerce
903Set up X (Twitter) ads pixelAds
904Optimize Google Ads budget with performance plannerAds
905Blogger outreachSEO
906Broken link buildingSEO
907Unlinked mentionsSEO
908Resource page link buildingSEO
909Create digital marketing plan for Black Friday and Cyber MondayPlanning
910Set up an email marketing campaign for Black Friday and Cyber MondayAutomation
911Generate special coupon codes for Black Friday and Cyber MondayEcommerce
912Set up Google AlertsSEO
913Analyse with BuiltwithSEO
914SERP featured snippets optimizationSEO
915SERP video carousels optimizationSEO
916Check Google Ads predicted trend table to view demand forecastsAds
917Adjust ads budgets to capture increases in seasonal demandAds
918SERP rich snippets optimizationSEO
919Encourage guest bloggers to share the post and get backlinksSEO
920SERP sitelinks optimizationSEO
921Pin Instagram posts to create grid bannersSocial
922Use Pinterest board covers to make boards more visually appealingDesign
923SERP image pack optimizationSEO
924Create YouTube seriesContent
925Create Youtube series playlistContent
926Add moderators to YouTube channelSocial
927SERP people also ask (PAA) optimizationSEO
928Get verified on Google SERP knowledge panelSEO
929SERP knowledge panel optimizationSEO
930Apache server optimizationDevelopment
931Enable the mod_pagespeed module in Apache serverDevelopment
932Nginx server optimizationDevelopment
933Enable ngx_pagespeed with Nginx serverDevelopment
934Optimize carousels on websiteDevelopment
935Optimize cookie noticesDevelopment
936Optimize App iconDesign
937Optimize preview video on App StoreContent
938Optimize tags & tag managersDevelopment
939Optimize third-party embedsDevelopment
940Remove inactive users in PhpMyAdminDevelopment
941Offer a referral discount to current clientsCommunication
942Optimize CSSDevelopment
943Set performance budgetDevelopment
944Replace animated GIFs with videoDevelopment
945Start mobile app paid user acquisition on Apple Search AdsAds
946Start mobile app paid user acquisition on Google UACAds
947Lazy loading videoDevelopment
948Enable gzip compressionDevelopment
949Block non-public pages with robots.txtSEO
950Create an automated welcome email when a new user signs upAutomation
951Highlight any discounts or promotionsEcommerce
952Ask people to Google client's brand in TV or radio adsCommunication
953Billboard to drive brand searchesOffline
954Start a referral programPlanning
955Verify phone number on Google Merchant CenterEcommerce
956Add all products to client's product feedEcommerce
957Verify and claim client's store website on Google Merchant CenterEcommerce
958Localize mobile app for target countries and languagesContent
959Share links to important Facebook posts in company communications channels like Slack, SkypeSocial
960Set up free product listings on Google Merchant CenterEcommerce
961Set tax and shipping settingsEcommerce
962Company history to about us pageContent
963Link Google Ads and Google Merchant Center accountAds
964Get backlinks for YouTube videosSEO
965Set up Dynamic Remarketing Tags for eCommerce eventsAds
966Custom Intent Audiences + Facebook Video AdsAds
967Show products in multiple target countries Google Merchant CenterEcommerce
968Sync Products via Google Merchant Center Content APIEcommerce
969Schedule Product Sync Google Merchant Center Content APIEcommerce
970Create “How-to” guidesContent
971Add competitors to LinkedIn page analyticsSEO
972Create PDFs from How-to guidesContent
973Create product overviewsContent
974Create App Update TimelineMobile
975Create success storiesContent
976Add “#1 Best Seller” label to product pageEcommerce
977Add “New” label at the top of product pageEcommerce
978Get verified on WhatsAppSocial
979Analyze YouTube audience retention graphsContent
980Test mobile-friendly on YandexDesign
981Add deep linking for App campaigns on Google Ads for engagementMobile
982Enable deferred deep linking in mobile app measurement SDK for Google AdsMobile
983Ask open-ended questions on social mediaSocial
984Boost the best posts on social mediaSocial
985Spotlight customers on social mediaSocial
986Take part in industry discussions on social mediaSocial
987Set Google Analytics alert for organic session decline week-over-weekAnalytics
988Set Google Analytics alert for page 404 increaseAnalytics
989Set Google Analytics alert for increase in social media sessionsAnalytics
990Mention influencers on blog postsContent
991Set Google Analytics alert for no transactions recordedAnalytics
992Set Google Analytics alert for low conversion rateAnalytics
993Set Google Analytics alert for high bounce rate on paid trafficAnalytics
994Set Google Analytics alert for low revenueAnalytics
995Include live chat to mobile app for supportMobile
996Add unique email to app for supportMobile
997Ask business associations for backlinkSEO
998Run a social media giveaway (AI-powered)Social
999Set up cross-domain trackingAnalytics
1000UTM links in offline documents (pdf, word,excel etc.)Analytics
1001UTM links on scanned QR codesAnalytics
1002UTM links on social mediaAnalytics
1003Optimize for YouTube session watch timeContent
1004UTM links on controlled referrersAnalytics
1005UTM links on social media sharing buttonsAnalytics
1006Turn brand mentions into linksSEO
1007Add social proofContent
1008Provide visual social proof through UGCContent
1009Add chapter markers to YouTube video progress barContent
1010Conduct A/B testingconversion
1011Create multi-level conversion funnelAnalytics
1012Fix unassigned traffic acquisition reports in Google AnalyticsAnalytics
1013Implement server-side tagging for Tag ManagerAnalytics
1014Reputation managementSEO
1015Remove and 301 redirects cannibalized pagesSEO
1016Canonicalize cannibalized pagesSEO
1017Website personalizationDevelopment
1018Set up custom 404 error pageDevelopment
1019Claim Yelp For BusinessSEO
1020Request legal action to remove negative content from the internetCommunication
1021Create YouTube In-search video adsAds
1022Create YouTube In-display video adsAds
1023Remove outdated content from GoogleSEO
1024Submit to crunchbase.comSEO
1025Add domains of the email addresses allowed to be invited Google Ads accountAds
1026Build up Reddit karmaSocial
1027Submit to MapQuestSEO
1028Add in-app purchases (IAP) to App StoreMobile
1029Submit to TripAdvisorSEO
1030Submit to TrustRatingsSEO
1031Submit to YellowPagesSEO
1032Submit to WazeSEO
1033Submit to Here MapsSEO
1034Submit to TomtomSEO
1035Submit to JustlandedSEO
1036Submit to AiloqSEO
1037Get listed on Featured CustomersSEO
1038Perform multivariate ad testingAds
1039Submit to AboutUsSEO
1040Remove inactive users in cPanelDevelopment
1041Submit to BrownbookSEO
1042Submit to LacartesSEO
1043Submit to SpokeSEO
1044Submit to StoreboardSEO
1045Submit to InfobelSEO
1046Submit to TechdirectorySEO
1047Submit to TupaloSEO
1048Set up pinterest ads pixelAds
1049Submit to TrepupSEO
1050Submit to CyboSEO
1051Submit to yellow.placeSEO
1052Analyze with siteprice.orgSEO
1053Update info on sitelike.orgSEO
1054Update old pages with low trafficContent
1055Scan with Cloudflare RadarSEO
1056Set up live chat for each languageDigital Marketing
1057Submit to NavmiiSEO
1058Use the media attribute for conditional CSSDevelopment
1059Submit to StartusSEO
1060Submit to ShowmelocalSEO
1061Submit to CallUpContactSEO
1062Submit to iBeginSEO
1063Submit to iGlobal.coSEO
1064Submit to ExpressBusinessDirectorySEO
1065Submit to unltd.directorySEO
1066Submit to askmap.netSEO
1067Develop personalized video ads segment based on interests and purchase history (AI Powered)Ads
1068Submit to place123.netSEO
1069Submit to globalcatalog.comSEO
1070Submit to whodoyou.comSEO
1071Include social media profiles on author pagesContent
1072Mark paid links with a rel="sponsored" tagSEO
1073Change website default admin account usernameSEO
1074Submit to fyple.comSEO
1075Set up Snapchat ads pixelAds
1076Submit to businesslistingplus.comSEO
1077Submit to teleadreson.comSEO
1078Submit to travelful.netSEO
1079Submit to bizexposed.comSEO
1080Do Listicle Link BuildingSEO
1081Add x-default hreflang attribute valueSEO
1082Set up hreflang inSEO
1083Set up hreflang in HTTP headersSEO
1084Set up hreflang in XML sitemapsSEO
1085Meta tags for language toSEO
1086Localize PPC and social media ads for target countries and languagesContent
1087Localize emails, messages and notifications for target countries and languagesContent
1088Custom Intent Audiences + YouTube TrueView for ActionAds
1089Leverage local cultural events and holidays for targeted marketing campaignsAds
1090Implement exit-intent popups for lead captureConversion
1091Improve mobile app retention rateSEO
1092Analyze log filesSEO
1093Create a competitive matrixData
1094Start content syndicationSEO
1095Interview the expertsContent
1096Introduce team on about us pageContent
1097Set up two-factor authentication on Meta Business SuiteSocial
1098Set up locations with Meta Business ManagerSocial
1099Develop personalized email marketing campaign segments based on interests and purchase history (AI Powered)Automation
1100Reward those willing to review client's business on review websitesSEO
1101Scan dark web exposure & reportSEO
1102Check safe browsing site status with Google Transparency ReportSEO
1103Analyze Pinterest Analytics DataData
1104Scan phishing websites and pages & reportSEO
1105Scan cybersquatting domain names & reportSEO
1106Scan typosquatting domain names & reportSEO
1107Set up Facebook Commerce ManagerEcommerce
1108Set up Facebook ShopEcommerce
1109Scan fake social media accounts & reportSEO
1110GDPR & PCI DSS testSEO
1111CSP & HTTP headers checkSEO
1112Website CMS security testSEO
1113Web server SSL testSEO
1114Email server SSL testSEO
1115SSL certificate testSEO
1116Sponsor podcasts client audience listens toCommunication
1117Manage languages for page name and description on LinkedInSocial
1118Check SPF record includes references to all email senders for domainAutomation
1120Optimize YouTube video description keyword densitySEO
1121 Create promotions in Google Merchant CenterEcommerce
1122Provide the correct categorization information to McAfeeSEO
1123Customize Facebook shop's appearanceDesign
1124Add sustainability information to product pageEcommerce
1125Provide specific ratings on product pageEcommerce
1126Notify online shoppers of low stock levelsEcommerce
1127Install Imunify360 On CPanelDevelopment
1128Add Gamification to mobile appDevelopment
1129Feature best-selling products on websiteEcommerce
1130Self certify Data Privacy FrameworkData
1131Provide delivery estimates and pricesEcommerce
1132Create playlists on YouTube channelSocial
1133Add mobile app to Product HuntSEO
1134Upload video transcripts on YouTubeSocial
1135Encourage comments on YouTube videosSocial
1136Build YouTube video adssequencing campaignAds
1137Promote events using PPCAds
1138Add website to Privacy Shield FrameworkSEO
1139Create plain text email versions of HTML email templatesAutomation
1140Register for wikidataData
1141Install FileBird WordPress pluginDevelopment
1142Organize media files in WordPress with FileBirdData
1143Install Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) WordPress pluginDevelopment
1144Create page templates with ACFDevelopment
1145Security scan to detect malware and other breaches with VirustotalSEO
1146Check the website for known malware, viruses, blacklisting status, website errors, out-of-date software, and malicious codeSEO
1147ccTLD, gTLD, domain strategy for international SEOSEO
1148Localize App Store description for different storefronts (countries)Mobile
1149Localize App Store preview video for different storefronts (countries)Content
1150Submit to betalist.comSEO
1151Start a Medium blogContent
1152Get published on ForbesSEO
1153Get published on Ad AgeSEO
1154Localize App Store screenshots for different storefronts (countries)Design
1155Ask client for a list of employee’s alma maters for alumni spotlightSEO
1156Raise brand awareness using ABCDs on YouTube video adsContent
1157Put domain in Reddit flairSocial
1158Domain lookup Barracuda's intent block listSEO
1159Resolve issues on app reviews and request rating revisionMobile
1160No paragraphs more than 5 lines in website contentContent
1161Collect reviews at eventsOffline
1162Create own brand SubredditSocial
1163Conduct Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)Data
1164Conduct Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)Ecommerce
1165Custom Intent Audiences + LinkedIn Sponsored InMailAds
1166Add multi-language audio to YouTube videosSocial
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